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Rachel. C. Bansal an Entrepreneur by profession, started healthy life global concept in 1984. After her product called Vega XL, Rachel set about establishing a system, which would help her to distribute her products directly to clients. After a while of research and asking, Rachel planned a network marketing plan, which would allow anyone of any age, background or education to grow their business. The company’s product range has been lengthened to comprise general health, male and female enhancer, Herbal Beauty Products; Male health medicine, female herbal medicine, and herbal medicines, Healthy life range of products is planned according to the top most standards and is a household name in India many other countries.

Healthy life Global Concept has finally come to Nigeria. For the past 30 years, healthy Life Global Concept , India has been into herbal and dietary supplement manufacturing, providing health and wealth enriching products for Indian and Asian continent using a robust network system that ensures income is made seamlessly by hardworking distributors via a flexible marketing plan. Without good health, life is as good as meaningless. Without financial freedom also life aspirations become as good as mirage.

Healthy Life Global Concept(Nigeria) is a subsidiary of Healthy life Global Concept, India. All the enormous and endless opportunities accruable by distributors across Asia Continent have been brought to Nigeria for active and hardworking distributors to enjoy seamlessly to the fullest. We are out to build up a healthy life style. Healthy life style means the steps, actions and strategies one puts in taking responsibility for your decision and making smart choices for today and for the future.
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